Software Configuration

We encourage all our technicians to ongoingly improve their software skills even while not at work. We pride ourselves on our expertise and this one one of the main areas that stands us out from the crowd, as we can advice our client on all his needs. Our main platforms are Win 2012r2, XP, Vista, Windows 7, & 8 we even fix Linux. Currently we are working on a project to create a small working version of Linux that boots off Windows 10.

Microsoft Office
We are conversant with the entire Office line right up to 2017 version of Office. Our technicians will be able to advice on things like setting-up e-mail account, configuring network access, setting up calendars, and so on in Outlook, but there’s just one, we can handle most jobs in Access such as Project Management, setting-up client databases, and so on. With our expertise in Access you will quickly be able to sort out your inventory or order processing. The list goes on.

Windows Server 2012r2, Windows 10
As explained we are experts in these OS’es, from Windows 10 Dial-up Networking through 98’s Printer and File Services. If you need help installing or find that your registry has become corrupt, call us out to fix it, our prices are flexible and we are good at fixing these errors, so we’re sure to help.