PC Upgrades London by former IBM Hardware Engineer

PC Upgrades London can do comprehensive upgrades, whether it’s just a hard drive upgrade or a complete refit. Does your sound card sound a little bit like a Tom and Jerry cartoon? Get us in on the job and we’ll advice you on what suits you.  Whether you’re looking to do pro music or you just want your games to sound more realistic we know the difference between what’s out there on the market and what you need.  We are able to advice on what to buy, impartially.

Need more hard-disk space?

Our technicians understand all the ramifications of SCSI, Serial-ATA, IDE, E-IDE, you name it, there are multitudes. PC Upgrades London can advice. We reliably transform your PC into a new one. You won’t notice a difference in it’s looks but when it comes to using it, then you’ll feel the difference.

PC Upgrades London Motherboards

PC Upgrades London understand the differences between ASUS, TRITON, Giga-Byte Technology, Tatung, Soltek, Elite Group and so on motherboards and what they mean to your business. Whether your just looking to upgrade to the latest Athlon XP chip or you want a serious upgrade to the state of the art in PC technology today we can do it.

If you’re looking to get some life out of some old computers and they’re just sitting there don’t waste money on new ones, chances are they can still be useful. Reviewing modern technology and replacing your old faulty parts is often the best solution and most reliable the most reliable one.

This can cost no more than the price of a filing cabinet and can give a couple of years’s worth of service to an old pc.